Restoration Updates

The St. Martin’s Church Foundation was established in 1993 and quickly organized the restoration into two phases. Phase I – Structural Repair and Exterior Restoration and Phase II – Interior Restoration. The Foundation Board of Trustees selected award winning Architectural Historian, Paul Baker Touart, to guide this project.

Phase I was completed in the summer of 1997. Having completed the restoration of the building’s exterior, the Foundation then embarked on the second phase. Part one of this phase, the restoration of the vaulted ceiling has been completed.

Efforts are now concentrated on Part 2 – Phase II, which is currently underway. The simple pine box pews and majestic raised pulpit have been restored and are reminiscent of the 18th century. Like the exterior work, the interior restoration continues to be a demanding task that will take place over the next several years.

The Maryland Historic Trust was consulted for further education regarding historic restoration. Local craftsmen Larry and Sean Widgeon were selected to do the restoration and were approved by the Maryland Historic Trust.